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High Quality Diesel Performance Upgrades in Maroochydore

Also Serving Caloundra

Why It’s Better To Buy Local

Seen a cheap deal online? Consider this. The majority of the diesel fuel injection system parts sold online are NOT for Australian engines, or are made in China. By buying local products, you can expect quicker delivery; easy returns if something is wrong, plus you can talk to a REAL person!

Power/ Performance Chips

North Coast Diesel Service sells and fits Steinbauer performance chips for CRDi engines. Developed and designed in Queensland – and made in Austria – these are the best performance chips on the market. A Steinbauer performance chip will increase the time of the pulse to the injector. Unfortunately, some other brands actually increase the fuel pressure, which could create major issues in your system. Steinbauer also offers an excellent warranty and customer back-up.

Performance Upgrades

Today’s diesel fuel injection systems offer far better results than their predecessors, but there are still things you can do to enhance performance.These include the fitting of performance injectors and pumps. We have performance injectors available for:

  • 1KD
  • Toyota D4D +30%
  • Toyota 1VD +30%
  • Toyota  1VD +70%
  • Isuzu 4JJ1 +30%

We Can Also Upgrade Your Own Injector Pump:

  • TD42 , TD42T and RD28T
  • Toyota 1HZ , 1HDT and 3L


Correct filtration is central to protecting and maintaining your diesel fuel injection system. Dirty fuel or contamination can cause major performance issues, so it is essential to filter the fuel at each stage of the injection process. Filters are an affordable way of ensuring your vehicle is running in peak condition. We stock a range of Direction Plus filter kits for CRDi engines.


North Coast Diesel Service offers a wide range of superior diesel fuel injection system parts.We deal with major diesel part manufacturers, to ensure you get the best quality for the best price.

Our Wide Selection Of Stock Includes:

  • Glow Plugs: Heating device used to help start diesel engines.
  • Pressure Sensors: Part of the fuel pump assembly. Reads pressure to detect faults.
  • Rail Relief Valves: Critical component in the diesel fuel injection system.
  • Suction Control Valves: Responsible for controlling fuel pressure in Common Rail engines.
  • Plus Fuel Inlet and Return fittings, Injector Washers and Seals.

Catch Cans

All CRDi engines have a EGR valve, which circulates exhaust gasses back into the inlet manifold for pollution reasons. Over time this causes carbon to accumulate in the manifold. This requires the manifold to be removed and cleaned, approximately every 100,000km, by using a catch can. This will collect the oil vapour and reduce the build-up in the manifold.

Exchange Components

Exchange Units Are Available For:

  • Toyota D4D
  • Toyota 1HZ
  • Toyota 3L
  • Toyota BT50
  • Ranger 3.2
  • Ranger 2.2
  • Sprinters
  • Mazda WLT